Transcribers - Getting Started Guide

Step 1 - Get a Mechanical Turk Account

SpeechInk's transcription jobs are done through Amazon's Mechanical Turk service. The Mechanical Turk (MTurk) service provides a way for you to find our jobs, and a way for us to pay you through your existing Amazon account. If you don't have an existing Amazon account, you will need to create one.

Instructions for creating an MTurk account can be found at

Step 2 - Find SpeechInk Jobs on MTurk

Your home page will always show a list of current jobs. The fastest way to find jobs is to click on this list. You can also find jobs by doing a a search from within Mechanical Turk.

Step 3 - Get Qualified

Many of our jobs require certain qualifications. For example, for confidential jobs, we require that you have agreed to the terms of our Confidentiality Agreement. Or for other jobs, you might need to take a brief test (Rating Qualification) to show that you have mastered job requirements.

When you see a job on MTurk that you want to do, first check to see if it requires a qualification. Some jobs require both a Confidentiality Qualification and a Rating Qualification. For these jobs, you will see two Take Qualification Test links. To qualify for these jobs, click on the first Take Qualification Test link. Review the Confidentiality Agreement and fill in the fields on the form. Then click Submit to indicate that you agree to the terms of the Agreement. You will receive an email confirming your agreement.

Next, you will need to qualify to do the job by taking a test. Your rating is initially zero, but you can quickly move it up by taking the rating test. To take the rating test, on any of our jobs, click on the Take Qualification Test link.

Before taking the test, review our Quick Start guide and transcription guidelines. Our customers demand the highest quality from us and therefore we demand the highest quality from you.

Once you submit your first job, your rating will be updated and we'll send you an email telling you your rating. It's important that you click on the link in the email you receive to review our feedback on your hard work. We appreciate the time and effort you put into creating high quality transcriptions. If your rating is excellent, you can then do real jobs. If not, you'll need to retake the test and improve your rating before you can qualify to do real jobs.

Step 4 - Get Bonused

We rate the quality of each transcription, and use your rating to determine your bonus. The better your work, the more you can make! And after each transcription, we'll send you an email to show you what you did wrong.

We Are Here To Help

We are here to help you succeed as a transcriber. If you have questions simply email our Community Manager at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.